The miCube

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Rotating view of miCube: An interactive figure

Fluorescence microscopy is an extremely powerful and versatile technique contributing to many areas of the life sciences. Especially variants featuring the ability to monitor single-molecule fluorescence, however, require sophisticated instrumentation that is either very expensive when bought commercially (>> 100 kEuro) or demands extensive expertise in optics and engineering.

Here we present an open and modular hardware framework aiming for

For a detailed description of the complete microscope, go to the related manuscript or to the miCube component list.

miCube components

The miCube consists of roughly 30 components (see exploded view of the miCube below), which can all be 3D printed from plastic, CNC milled from aluminium, or commercially bought. Because no commercial components are used where these are not necessary, the price of the miCube is kept low. Go to the component list for a detailed view of all components, along with their availability and price.

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Exploded view of miCube: An interactive figure